Ever feel like your home isn't holding in all its heat? PGW wants you to get the most out of your household's natural gas usage and stop wasting energy not to mention cash.

PGW Home Rebates help you make home safer and more livable for you and your family while lowering energy bills and saving you money.

When you invest in a PGW home energy assessment for $150 (a $500 value) and complete eligible work, PGW will pay you a cash rebate up to $3,000. Here's how:

Step 1. Schedule a Home Energy Assessment
Your PGW-certified contractors will perform an energy assessment to identify cost-effective options for long-term energy savings and improve your home's comfort. They will recommend a work scope that's customized for your home, comfort and budget.

Step 2. Proceed with your Energy Upgrades
Your contractor will return to complete the upgrades you decide to proceed with, including, for example, air sealing, insulation, heater replacement, low flow devices and more. When the job is complete, the work will be inspected at no additional cost to you.

Step 3. Get your PGW Home Rebate
Once the work is finished, receive a rebate check that offers $40 for every MMBtu of energy saved. You should receive your rebate check four to six weeks after the work is complete.

Step 4. Reap the Savings
Enjoy warmer winters, a more comfortable home and lower utility bills!

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